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Our Story

If you're reading this page, you're probably considering reaching out to us to discuss a pet food manufacturing project or partnership of some sort. Here are a few notes about who we are to help you prepare for our first conversation. We hope you'll pick up the phone and call us or schedule a visit to our facility so we can show you where the magic happens.

Sentinel Pet Group was formerly known as HBH Pet Products. HBH is a well known aquatics brand and, over the last several years, we have been doing more work for other brands so we felt it was time to restructure the company in order to serve our private label customers more effectively. We currently serve customers in the USA but have distribution in 7 countries and are continuing to expand our international reach so we can add more value to new customer relationships. Our current strategy includes adding a limited number of new customers each year in order to maximize the value each customer receives as they come on board. We believe strongly in investing in long-term relationships and not in one-and-done relationships. We want to build permanent bridges in our relationships and focus on building trust through every interaction. 

Sentinel is led by a young and very energetic executive team that loves to construct systems that create value for our customers. Our people are our most important asset and are the reason we are a successful company. We work hard to create a company culture where interdependency is an important part of who we are and what we do.