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Our Approach

1. Project Scope


Project Scope

During our initial meeting with you, we will define the scope and scale of your project to be sure we get started on the right foot.

2. Formulation



If you'd like, we can assist with from-scratch formulation or we can help refine and optimize any draft formulations you have already developed.

3. Samples



We will run a small pilot batch of your product to be sure it looks, smells, tastes and feels right to you (and your pets!).

4. Final Revisions


Review and Amend

We will hold another meeting at this stage so you can direct any final tweaks or amendments to the processes or formulas prior to mass production.

5. Produce



We will produce your products in the quantities required to meet demand for your products. You can be as involved as you'd like including being on site during the initial production run.

6. Ship



The first cases and pallets of your products will be sent to your desired locations. In some cases, we can simplify your logistics by providing drop-ship services to specific distributors.

7. Learn and Repeat


Learn and Repeat

At the end of your first production cycle, we will conduct an after-action review session to be sure we capture lessons learned and can continue offering you even greater value during our next project together.

Competitive Advantage

We believe one of our most important competitive advantages is that we are an All-American company with the ability to ensure all of your ingredients are sourced here in the USA. Here are a few additional competitive advantages we think you might like to know as you evaluate various pet product manufacturers:

  • Six Sigma principles applied to every project to ensure the highest production standards
  • HACCP Certified Auditor on staff to implement the highest standards of safety and industry compliance
  • Dedicated Project Engineers who keep you informed every step of the way
  • Strong supply-chain relationships to maximize efficiency and save on ingredient costs
  • Collaborative web platform to allow you to be an active participant in your project


Leadership Philosophy

Behind every great company is a great leader with a unique and powerful vision. Here are a few insights into the leadership style and philosophy that makes our team the best in the business.

Do the right thing

We don't have a thick manual of employee policies. Instead, we have one rule that governs our decision making at every level: "Do the right thing for the family". By, "family", we mean every member of Sentinel pet group including the actual family members of our team members. The philosophy is simple. If every team member makes decisions that are ultimately going to create the best outcomes for the entire group, everyone wins in the end as we succeed and thrive together. If every team member is engaged and driven by a united vision of what we can each become individually and collectively, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Global Vision

The Sentinel vision is to build a multinational corporation that does good in all the places it does business. We already have customers in various overseas markets and plan to continue reaching far and wide to share our capabilities with the world and help grow the US economy by dominating the industry from home.


Every team member, from our CEO to each production worker, knows the importance of integrity in every thought and decision. As we build self-trust, our teams become stronger. As we build team trust, our entire company thrives as customers feel the synergy that can only exist in an environment where every person contributes something meaningful and all members share mutual trust that extends far beyond the walls of our facility.


The word 'innovation' seems to be overused in many companies. Organizations will hold an annual meeting to talk about how innovative they plan to be in the coming year and then it's back to business as usual. At Sentinel, we work hard every day to truly innovate by evaluating our existing approach and finding ways to improve. We challenge the status quo and are willing to go to the ends of the earth to find the latest manufacturing innovation or new approach so we can always offer the most relevant and efficient solutions to every customer.


We have invested heavily in training and experiences that put our employees at the top of the industry in terms of knowledge about quality management and improvement. Specifically, we have adopted Six Sigma as our core quality improvement program. Six Sigma helps us think about our processes in a way that minimizes volatility and maximizes predictable, high-quality outcomes through the life cycle of every project.


We really enjoy what we do. However, work is only one part of what makes life great. After our work is done, we believe in focusing on family, faith, friends, good food and fun. We believe the only way to deliver sustainable value to every customer, every time, is to maintain an appropriate work-life balance so we don't hit burnout right in the middle of an important project (and EVERY project is important to us!). Consequently, our leadership team provides tools and programs to our team that extend beyond professional development and helps our people be great in every aspect of life.